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Theseus Social Enterprise Solutions

Theseus Social Enterprise Solutions – We at Theseus are one of the few focused businesses with a built in team specialising in commercialisation for the Third Sector - those social enterprises and charities who want to use entrepreneurialism and creativity to develop sustainable income streams.

Social Enterprises and charities are working in challenging economic times and facing reductions in subscriptions, donations and memberships, in an ever more competitive environment for public sector, National Lottery or funding from Trusts.

Theseus through its specialist social enterprise team can work with you to uncover potential revenue streams to help you achieve growth, meet your objectives and crucially, be sustainable.  We work with you to understand your ethics, ethos and objectives. We then bring our entrepreneurialism and creativity helping you to identify and develop your unique selling points into new revenue streams.

Theseus uses the same approach which has made it successful in the global arena to ensure we maximise every opportunity and turn these into commercial activities for you, leading to growth and sustainability for your organisation.

Our team includes experts in pre-start up, marketing, sales, finance, product development, supply chain management and international business development.  We can find the right solution for your organisation-whether it is in brand development, products or services in the UK or abroad, we can use our expertise, our connections and our networks to help you build a sustainable business.
If you would like to talk about how Theseus can help you to create income please contact:
Karin Finegan at or