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Theseus Ventures Limited
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Clydesdale House
Springhill Business Park
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Theseus Ventures Company Background

Formed in 2003, Theseus Ventures takes its inspirations from perhaps the greatest of all the ancient Athenian heroes – Theseus, the son of Aegeus, founder of Athens. For over a decade we have built a company which seeks to grow by seeking opportunity, turning around fortunes and be enterprising in how we do business.

The inspiration of the legends surrounding Theseus is how we approach business, we seek to achieve great and small tasks alike in the United Kingdom and internationally using guile, boldness, and skill, whilst maintaining the highest personal integrity and professional standards. The legacy we wish to leave is that of heroes.

Just as Theseus saw the challenges of the Netherworld, the Minataur and the legends of the ancient world we see the modern business environment as it’s equivalent.
Our arenas are now the business sectors we work in

  • Renewables and alternative energy
  • Water management products and solutions
  • Food Production and distribution
  • Education and Social Enterprise


  • Healthcare and bio-technology

Why do we work in these areas? Quite simply we are running out of the first three – energy, food and water, whilst people and communities require long-term sustainable enterprises to suit the longevity of life.

Our philosophy is to adhere totally to the principals of ethical investment and do not subscribe to any practise that harms or discriminates against the people and the environment we have the privilege to work in. The projects we work in and the partners we work with are focused upon developing high growth opportunity that can become international in size built with responsible business practices that can be successfully challenged on any level by anyone the project impacts upon.